THE Patti Maxine Living Wig Foundation

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The Patti Maxine Living Wig Foundation

Patti Maxine – the Santa Cruz musician known for her superb, award winning lap steel playing is also known for another outstanding attribute – her hair.

Growing well past her waist, Patti’s thick white trademark hairdo is as well known as she is, but she is growing weary of the weight and maintenance such a hairstyle demands.

“It’s coming off, “ she insists, despite the many pleas that she keep it . “But before I cut it I’d like to have some fun with it while contributing to the community.” Thus is borne, “The Patti Maxine Living Wig Foundation” – a fun and creative art project that will use those long white locks to raise money and awareness for one of her favorite organizations, WomenCare, whose mission is to provide FREE cancer advocacy, resources, education and support to women with all types of cancer, to their families and friends, and to healthcare practitioners working in the field.

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